Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Our annual New Year's trip to Tucson was such a blast as usual!  The kids love this tradition of driving out, arriving late and then staying for the weekend to participate in all of the awesome new year's festivities the Rustands typically roll out.  They love playing soccer, riding scooters, basketball, ping pong, bounce houses and everything else under the sun.  This year we had a great time picking out chicks for the farm.  Such a fun experience for the kids to see how to set up a chicken coop.  They are eagerly awaiting setting up a similar one at our house- haha!  Not sure that's happening anytime soon- but it was fun to be a part of it all anyway.  Loved visiting the new Tucson temple.  Beth was a HUGE part of the cultural celebration for the youth that happened this past summer.  We had wanted to come then to the open house, but that didn't happen.  Glad we had the chance to visit it this time round.  It was beautiful. Blake had an awesome time at a UofA game with Garrett.  All of us loved preparing for the New Year's Eve party.  This year we brought a HUGE saran wrapped ball full of toys, treats, money and gift cards for the kids to unwrap.  Their turn ended when the person sitting next to them rolled doubles.  It was super fun and the kids loved it.  We also played telephone charades and a fun sing off game that had us all in stitches. White elephant exchange was a big hit as usual.  Of course I came home equipped with thousands of recipes and grand ideas from Beth.  She is so creative and so awesome in every way.  Love her to pieces.  All in all, a magical weekend and only the slightest of hiccups when Grant threw up the second night there- ack!  We almost packed up to leave, but thankfully it only happened once and no one else in either family contracted it if you can believe it.  Maybe it was something he ate, but it sure gave us a scare.  We love this tradition and so grateful for the Rustands for making our New Year's the best weekend ever!