Wednesday, February 28, 2018

St. George Trip

We really had an amazing trip up to St. George, UT.  It was freezing cold- really! But it was so much fun.  I worried about the hours in the car, but the kids handled it like champs.  We were missing Evelyn- who is a big help on these road trips without Blake- but Dane stepped up and filled her shoes- thankfully!~  And a big thanks to Grandma who came down for the week to help get Evelyn to school and rehearsals.  So so SO grateful!  I think Evelyn would prefer Grandma adopt her!!!  They had so much fun eating at In-n-Out and shopping!  Evelyn was thrilled. 

As for the kids and I, we enjoyed spending time with the Douds, Farrs and Gondas! I was surprised at how well the kids all got along and the fun times that they had together.  They spent many an afternoon swimming (YES, swimming) in the frigid temps together.  The pool and hot tub were heated well and so it made for a lot of fun.  The kids played cards, ate nutella sandwiches, adventured, explored and stayed up really late.  We visited the children's museum, Glitter Rock, Snow Canyon, Petrified Dunes and the Las Vegas strip. We ate at all the yummy places you could imagine- Pizza Factory, Nielsons, Swig, even Old Country Buffet!   It was a blast and I'm so glad I did it. So grateful for good friends and fun memories like these.